Securing the Flat

Monday, Suzanne and I went into town and secured the flat. What this means is that we put down 250 pounds and they take the listing off of the market. The good news is, we have a place to live and it is very close to the school. The not so good news is that it takes about 7 days to get all of the paper work processed. So, they gave us a move in date of the 11th. We are some what disappointed but also happy to have gotten the flat. We had hoped to move in sooner so that we could get settled in before Beth starts on her Ph.D. but as it is now, we will be moving in on the same day as her program starts. There is a slight possibility we could get in earlier, but it's not likely.

After securing the flat, Suzanne and I went to Pizza Hut and got some lunch - I know - typical Americans. After lunch we got cell phones for me and Beth. All the providers here require a 12 or 18 month contract on their plans unless you get a pay as you go phone. We opted for the pay as you go since we will only be here for 9 months. All you have to do is "Top Up" your phone (purchase minutes) each time you run out.

Yesterday we went to the Town Center in Dunfermline and faxed in our paper work for the flat. We also went to the Abbey and saw where Robert the Bruce was buried. There was a very old cemetary and the remains of a palace outside the Abbey. Beth and Suzanne got some pictures (will post later). We're getting pretty good utilizing the public transportation to get around. Julian likes riding the bus and watching the countryside go by.

We have decided to take a few days before the weekend to go out and be tourists while Suzanne is still with us. Today we are going to look through our travel guides and try to figure out what would be the easiest for all four of us to go do. Mike and Maureen have offered to let us take one of their cars this weekend if we felt comfortable doing so (scary). I think one night this week Mike is going to take me out to practice driving. Depending on how well it goes, we may take them up on the offer this weekend.

I think that about wraps up the past few days. We'll keep you posted with any new developments.


  1. Hey Guys... sorry i missed your call..i was in ALL the pictures..for some reason the sound didn't work with the video (Julian laughin ). We went to look at web cam...and it was scarey..(but NOT as scarey as driving on the wrong side...ha ) Please try again to catch us.. What is the number you are calling from in case we want to try and call you? think i will call t-mobile and see if it's possible..miss you all and praying that things will move along!! love,

  2. me again! Darn...missed you again...both times in grocery store..getting flowers for a service. i have 2 funerals..sat and Mon..tough week.. Dad got the sound on Julian...soo sweet ...good to hear you both too! found out i can call on my cell..but tried and the "plus" (+) wouldn't come up....whatever Ask Maureen what numbers i need to call to get through...don't think your whole number came up on my cell?? Sounds like you are well..the 10th is

  3. I can't imagine being away like this - but, what an awesome experience for all of you. I can tell that you and Jonathan are absolutley amazing parents. I am so proud for you both!