Where Michael?

Breaking news: right up there with presidential politics and the collapsing economy is another-- even more newsworthy-- story. Today, for the first time ever, Julian asked me a question. Not just a request: "Nilk" (milk) instead of "juice", but a true question with an interrogatory word and everything.
Julian loves his Little People toys and movies. His favorite character is Michael but we haven't been able to locate the Michael toy for a couple of days. This morning after asking for his "nilk" he made his way over the the toy box and ASKED, "Where Michael?"

I just thought the world should know.

Yes, we are alive.

Let me begin by apologizing for not keeping up with the blog. We got home from Scotland in June and just haven't slowed down ever since. We're starting to feel settled and are slowly getting back a social life. We've got Julian going to a parents day out program and Beth is taking him to Kindermusik at the Y once a week. He's really enjoying it and he also likes being able to play with his cousins on a weekly basis. He loves going to see his PaPa (pronounced pawpaw) - my Dad - and all of his grandparents very much. It's really great being so close to our family members.

Beth is starting to be able to really carve out some time for herself and is reconnecting with some of her good friends that are in the area. I have started playing bass in a band with my brother Davey - The Warm Fuzzies - and we have a couple of shows booked in the next few weeks. It's a very laid back fun band to be in that plays music in the vein of Weezer and The Cars. Davey and his friend Jason wrote all the songs and lyrics and we are looking forward to playing some live shows. You can check out a few of the songs on our MySpace page and we also have a page on Facebook and Virb.

I recently began doing freelance web and graphic design full time. I have a site set up to showcase my work and capabilities at - if you know of anyone that needs a site designed, send them my way. It came about sooner than we had planned, but I think it is going to work out for the best. We are going to really have a go at it over the next year and try to make it work. It's really nice to be able to just put in a few hours a day at home and not be stuck at a desk in a cube for 8 hours. It gives me the freedom to spend so much more time with Julian and Beth and we can just take a trip whenever we want - no vacation requests needed! It'll be great if we can really make it work.

Julian is quite the handful now - he's running around, repeating words we say, counts to 10 and he even has his own recliner. We got him his first pair of tennis shoes and he looks like such a little boy when he wears them. We've got tons of pictures and videos since we've been home that we will be uploading to our flickr page and on this site soon. Until then, enjoy these....

Probably one of the funniest pictures ever!

Now hand me the remote!

Will post again soon....