It's official: Destination Edinburgh

Well, we got the official word from Rotary International today. I've been assigned to University of Edinburgh! Of course we would have been willing to go to any of the five schools I listed, but Edinburgh has always been the top choice.

Starting a PhD program would be enough, having a baby would be enough, moving to another country would be enough... but doing all of this in one year is quite overwhelming. Knowing our destination really helps a lot, because now we can begin some concrete planning. My sister Suzanne is going to travel with us and stay for a couple of weeks to help us get settled and help with the baby. We'll also have a Rotary host in Edinburgh who will help make us feel welcome.

And of course the puppies... Samson and Chelsea will have a new home with my sister Bonnie and her family beginning next summer. They will both be twelve next year. I know that Ellie and Connor and the new baby Bosak will keep them on their toes/paws and keep them from growing old too fast... hey, is someone cutting onions in here?