Julian's first "nappie"... our Scottish sunburns... and us in Edinburgh

Tomorrow marks two weeks in Scotland and we are having a blast. We're exhausted and overwhelmed and stressed, but I think it says something about us that I can still say that we're having fun. ;) On Saturday we were desperately in need of some play time. Suzanne opted for a train into the city to sightsee, and the rest of us-- Maureen, Mike, Katie, Joshua, Jonathan, Julian & me-- piled into Mike & Maureen's cars & headed north. We went to St. Andrews where we found a play park near the beach where we had a picnic lunch. Maureen had packed all of the essentials, then for an added bonus Mike and Jonathan picked up some smoked fish (trout and herring) at the farmer's market. It was AMAZING. I can check one thing off my "don't miss in Scotland" list that's in my tourist book. I love "smokies"! Jonathan was very aware of the sun, but I wasn't so much. Turns out all of us, Julian included :(, ended up with a touch of sun. Nothing serious, but Julian now has a "weathered" look mostly consisting of persistently pink cheeks.

Also we used the last of the diapers we brought with us and transitioned into Julian's first nappies! It's funny because they are Pampers, same brand we buy in the states, but we felt it was a milestone. Maureen insists we should stick with the word "diaper" instead of "nappie" and we might just do that, especially since we tend to refer to nap time as nappy time. No wonder we were getting strange looks...

My orientation began yesterday at the Divinity School. As I was making my way there I kept looking around at all these people and thinking, for you this is just an ordinary day. For me this is any day but ordinary. Today I go to the welcome session for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, then tomorrow is my big day for Postgraduate Divinity students. Suzanne is with us for one more day, so we're trying to use the extra help as wisely as possible! Jonathan rented a one-week flat for us, as our long-term flat won't be available until Friday. More soon... I'm off to be a PhD student! :))))


  1. Hey Guys, That video is great of Julian screaming! He acts like he can't believe that it's him.then he laughs at himself.. How perfectly delightful!! he has gotten a little bigger, but looks the same.. Thanks for sharing his laughter....good to talk to you today.. Lots and lots of love

  2. Yeah!! I am so proud of all of you. I bet people were wondering how you could schedule that baby's diaper time!! Love and kisses to all....and remember the sunscreen!! Love, Mom