Chicky Chick and the great big eagle

I'm not gonna lie. I'm posting these on our site because Julian can watch them here and not on YouTube. *Because* on YouTube the Angry Birds videos also pull up a video with a guy missing the back of his head. It's gross.


  1. Was thinking about you last night randomly, suddenly, and decided to find you. No luck on facebook so I googled your name and your blog came up. Hoping you remember me from the brief, but meaningful time we spent in the old SOR workroom, me "training" you (ha!) to take my place. You were a kindred spirit, and I wanted to say ... hi! I'm thinking about you, hope you are doing wonderful, and hope I can catch up on you and your family via your blog soon. Kisses and hugs ...

  2. Sara! It is fantastic to hear from you. I just found *you* on facebook. ;) It was a meaningful time back in the SOR... seems like 100 years ago.