New Digs

Well, it's official. The Statons are no longer Bogart folk. Today we bid farewell to the little place that has been our home since we came back from Scotland. We handed over the keys and drove away.

We are excited about our new home, but leaving our old one was more emotional than I expected. Julian learned to walk in that house. He lived there longer than anywhere else. Chelsea's last days were spent there. We learned that Dumplin' was on the way in that house. Jonathan and I spent lots of time and energy reforming our relationship in that space. Lots of memories in 1400 square feet. ;)

We're excited about our new place. The location is awesome. We're really close to the YMCA. It only takes us five minutes (!) to get to Julian's school and Jonathan's new office space downtown. The house and yard are great. We actually have plenty of room and we're already making great use of the big yard, deck, and patio. Julian will tell you that he loves his new house. ;) Dumplin' is due to be here in about 3 months and in our new place he'll actually have a room of his own! Don't get me wrong... I'm not delusional enough to think he'll spend too much time there. For now it'll just be a holding place for all that baby stuff! We commented today that we've seen Samson wag his tail more in the last two days than we have in the last two months. Mama and Daddy are pretty happy as well. Happy family.

We're looking forward to making lots of great memories in the new place, with lots of friends and family coming our way. So if you're going to be in our neck of the woods just let us know and come see us!


  1. Good luck with the settling-in process and best wishes for many happy memories here, too!!

  2. Hooray for baby Dumpling and for the new house!! Sounds like life is treating you well :-)