Julians first Disney

So, Beth had read about the barber shop in Disney where you can take your child for their first haircut and get a certificate and some Mickey Mouse ears. We decided to give it a shot since Julians hair has begun to look rather mullet-ish. I didn't think he would sit still long enough and we would have to pay 15 bucks for 2 hairs to get snipped, but thanks to some Mickey Mouse toys and other moms in the shop, we we able to get a good trim.

and here he is looking rather proud of himself in his new do and ears. The ears say "first haircut" on the back. As we left the barber shop and headed down the main street we caught some fireworks. So far, our trip is off to a great start. We are now back at the hotel napping before heading to Animal Kindom for the safari.


  1. too funny! somehow i thought he'd be buzzed...glad he still has his curls ;-) xoxoxoxo

  2. how fun!!! that last pic is PRICELESS!!!! so precious! he is one cute kid. :)

  3. Is that guy wearing a kilt?

  4. Just seeing this now. Don't know how I missed it! Love these pics, especially the one of him looking in the mirror. Too, too cute!