Happy Birthday, Mr. Staton, by Beth

Well folks, as of today Jonathan is half of seventy years old.  Many thanks to Mary for describing his age in such a poignant manner.  What are big sisters for.  ;)  

I've always said that being with Jonathan is like knowing a secret.  He's a lot different than folks assume, and it is my great joy and honor to journey through life with such a creature.  We've been together since 1990 and my life is richer and stronger and more meaningful because of what we are together.  Happy birthday, Mr. Staton.  

The most recent photo I have of the three of us is here, from Christmas.  Thanks to Linda for actually snapping a photo of us!  

Last year we went to London on his birthday and spent the week touring the sites.  Julian 
slept through a lot of it, as you can see here.  We've got something a little less elaborate planned this
 year.  We're going over to Davey and Meredith's to watch Lost.  ;)  Friday night we'll gather with even more Statons for a game night.  And of course we'll sneak in an anniversary celebration this weekend-- twelve years!  

Here in Georgia it's raining like cats and dogs, and it's thundering!  Either the apocalypse or global warming.  Take your pick.  

I hope you're liking the new site design.  I think it's muy bien.  We'll have photos soon of Julian's upcoming birthday.  

Peace out,



  1. happy birthday Jonathan!
    and nice Spanish, Beth!

  2. Feliz Cumpleanos a ti! You look like a monkey and you smell like one toooooooooooo. Want me to call and give you the live version?? Would be happy to bless in you such a way! Also am happy to know that I'm next up for 1/2 of 70!!!!! OMG. Btw - LOST is not such a shabby way to spend your b-day ;-) It's not raining here...just another reason for you to move to SAVANNAH, GEORGIA (say that with Forrest's in "Greenbow Alabama").....YES I am high...sorry. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. happy birthday, jonathan! and happy upcoming anniversary to you both. and i totally dig the new design.