Bubbit and me: the election day tour

One of my favorite people in the world is pictured here with me. Sullivan is the person who convinced me I wanted to be a parent, so I'm kind of partial to him. I asked the boy if he wanted to go with me to vote, and I was really happy that he said yes. I told Suzanne that I have had to practice more intelligent conversation and diplomacy in my recent political conversations with Sullivan than in all my public speaking engagements put together! He is one smart kid. His doctor recently described him as a genious Huck Finn. And he adores Julian, which is a good thing.

At the polling location all of the poll workers really engaged Sullivan and he got a "future voter" sticker. Whilst I was sorting out my situation the manager walked him over to one of the voting machines and showed him how the process works. It was really great! I was giddy like a school-kid. Election day is a lot like exam day. I love it because everything is said and done, just one final hurdle and we can move on to the next step. I think it's really cool that Bubbit was with me and I hope he'll remember this day for the rest of his life. After we finally got everything sorted-- I had to vote provisional because my registration didn't get into the computer in time... then I was interviewed by a poll watcher-- we made a quick tour of places we had heard were giving out election day freebies. Of course this was before we heard this was illegal! We got a free donut at Krispy Kreme(God bless America), then hit Starbucks (bleed the beast) for an election day coffee.
Sullivan is mesmerized by the Krispy Kreme machinery.
So much fat and sugar and... bliss.

Am I eyeing my Georgia Voter sticker or that piece of heaven in my hand? Note: we are in the Starbucks drive-thru at this point.

Of course it's more than a little disconcerting that American democracy is so entwined with consumerism. Ah, Henry Giroux would be proud. But we had a fun time around town. Days like today make it good to be home.


  1. ben and jerry's was giving away ice cream. next election year, you can hit that up too.

  2. Sullivan and I just read the blog...he says he loves it...and he had a great time at Krispy Kreme....oh yeah and voting. He said he LOOOOVED going to the voting place and says...NO OBAMA! He made me add that or said he didn't want me to post. Says he wished everyone in the world had voted for McCain because he is a good man.

  3. This post makes me miss you even more!! I love your insight!! :) Happy Election day, I was unable to partake in any election day freebies, the curse of working!! :)

  4. Abi - If Ben & Jerry's had a store in Athens, we would have been there!
    Suzanne- You tell that son of yours that we'll see come tomorrow. GOBAMA!
    Wencke - You should hit up Starbucks tomorrow anyway. You never know! ;)

  5. Sullivan, it's the process that counts as much as who wins or loses. We are free to vote our conscious. The two of you are two peas from the same pod! I personally can't wait for the brawl and nunchuks story!! Beth, every day is a good day for ya'll to be home!! (at least for your Mom)

  6. what a happy election day story!