7 days and counting

Ever since we moved to Edinburgh I've wanted to hike up to Arthur's Seat. It's an extinct volcano in the middle of the city. Since this is our last week here and the weather has been incredible, I decided to go for it Sunday afternoon. The walk was tiring but doable with a couple of breaks along the way and the views were amazing (check out the pics on Flickr). It gave me a chance to really think about the past nine months and what our time here has meant to me.

This was an incredibly hard and tiring time for Beth and I, but I would not trade it for anything. The reason is the relationship I have been able to have with my son. Without this trip I would have been going in to work 8 to 5 everyday and missing out on so much of his life. I would have missed the first cheerio, the first attempt at using a sippy cup, the first attempt at scooting across the floor, the first everything really. It's been great to be there for all of the firsts and to be able to encourage and praise him in his discoveries. He really is amazing and watching him grow up will be so much fun.

I thought a lot about what it'll be like when we get back and Julian will be re-introduced to his family. He knows you all by your pictures, so don't worry, he hasn't forgotten any of you. I also thought about the things I've missed most - my family, friends, driving with the windows down and music blaring, playing guitar, eating steak and baked potatoes, playing xbox online, going to the movies, reading comics (yes, I'm a nerd), watching The Office, and BB-Q sandwiches.

I think Beth has stated this before, but the only thing that will be hard about leaving Edinburgh is the friendship we have with Mike and Mo. They have been our life line on more than one occasion and without them we most likely would have come home halfway through the school year. We can never thank them enough.

Well, it's getting late here so I'm going to go to bed now. I'm sure Julian is keeping my side of the bed warm for me. He somehow manages to end up in the bed with mommy and daddy during the night. ;) See you all in a week! We are so excited.


  1. Jonathan, I loved reading about how you've felt over these last several months. And I, too am so happy that you were there for all of Julian's "firsts". Those are very special moments in life and they go by so quickly. As for Mike and Mo, I'm so glad you and Beth had such great friends there with you. I've always said that God puts us in different places for a reason, and at certain points in our lives. Now you know what those reasons were at this point in your life.

    Hurry home! Love you dearly and miss you lots!


  2. Okay, Beth is usually the one to make me tear up. I am so glad that neither of you have regrets about your time there. Sometimes the hardest times are the best times because growing comes with growing pains.

    We are looking forward to a visit when you get the chance. We'll be sure to help you get your fill o BBQ and X-Box. Noah may even kick your butt on Guitar Hero and Rock band! We can't wait to see you!