New Videos and Stuff

Wow, we're halfway through February already! Crazy. Lots of stuff going on the next few weeks so I'll keep this short. I just wanted to let those of you that had been asking for some new videos know that I added quite a few of them to the site this week. So there are now a couple of months worth of videos to catch up on. This one here is one of the latest and shows all of Julian's newest moves. It's a little long, but very entertaining. He gets around quite well for such a little guy.

Things have been going really well. The weather is getting so much better and we are now having a little over 9 hours of daylight per day! It's still a little cold, but not unbearable. Next week we are going to London to celebrate my 34th birthday (man-I'm old) and our 11th wedding anniversary - wow. And then, the week after that will be Julian's first birthday and GrandMamma will be here too. Amazing how this year has flown by. We'll be back in the States before we know it. I know some of you are counting down the days (mom).

BTW - I recently added a page for fun stuff - just a place to put videos and amusing things to share with you all and I also added a list of links on the right to some of our friends and family members that have websites of their own. If anyone has a site and wants to be listed just let me know. See ya later. Oh yea - Happy Valentines Day ;o)

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  1. Julian sure looks like he knows how to keep himself entertained.