Julian meets Santa Claus

Today we took Julian to meet Santa. We were a little worried that he would be scared and not want to let Santa hold him. Or that he would scream, cry, or tell Santa the he smelled like beef and cheese (reference to the movie Elf). To our amazement, he did great. He just sat there and smiled and looked at Santa. It was great. He even got a little toy bear from Santa. We had a great time.

After meeting Santa we went to Clarks down the street and bought him his first pair of real shoes. We had tried the booties and slip on shoes for a while, but he would just kick them off as soon as we put them on his feet. So today when we tried the shoes on, we let him keep them on for a good ten minutes to see if he would or could kick them off. Well, he tried, but they stayed on and he didn't even fuss. That was a key issue as well. So, Julian now has his first pair of real shoes. He'll be running in no time.

We headed home after that and cut through the gardens to see Santa's reindeer. Julian was about to fall asleep, but we managed to get him interested enough in the deer for a minute or so and got a few good pictures. We then proceeded to walk home and Julian decided he was going to go ahead and start on his nap while I was carrying him. I'm glad we were close to home. Sweet boy.

Well, if we don't post another entry before the end of the year, Merry Christmas everybody and have a great New Year. Just think, we will begin our next year 5 hours before you do. So if we called you, it would be like we were calling from the future. Weird ..........

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