New design for our site.

Well, as you can see, I finished the new design for the site. The site is now geared more towards the blog since that is what we are regularly updating, and there is also a new section for videos. I uploaded a ton of videos of Julian ranging from birth to now, so all the grandparents can now spend hours a day looking at their youngest grand baby. It's funny to see those videos of him when he was so little. Watching them makes me realize just how much he's changed and grown over the last seven months. His personality is really coming out and he's such a joy to be around. The galleries section contains all the photos from the previous site and I hope to add some more pics soon. I haven't decided what to do with the last section so if anyone has a suggestion let me know.

Things have been going really good lately and we are settling in quite nicely, especially since we have all recovered from our sicknesses. Last Sunday, we had lunch with Beth's Rotary Host here in Edinburgh. We had a really nice visit and even ate some haggis. We both thought it tasted pretty good. It reminded me of dirty rice or boudin (cajun sausage). It wasn't until we got home that I found out what was in it when I looked up the ingredients. I don't think I'll be eating it again anytime soon.

The weather has been nice the past couple of days and we have tried to get out as much as possible before it gets too cold. Lately Beth and I have really been craving and eating peanut butter sandwiches A LOT. And when I say a lot, I mean like, we eat them for lunch everyday. It's funny, we were talking about it and the fact that we watch the TV show Friends whenever it's on the tele, and we realized that this was the form that our homesickness has taken on. It's how we are are getting our fix of American culture. Sitcoms and peanut butter sandwiches..... who would have thought? Funny.

Well, we miss you all and think of you often. Let me know what you think of the new layout. Hopefully, it's easier to use and keep up with. You can even subscribe to the blog if you like. Feel free to leave comments too, it's always nice to know that someone actually reads our posts.

Stay gold.....


  1. yo Statons,
    we don't need no moderation, we don't need no force control, all and all we're the only scottish brick in your wall.. (did we really just compare ourselves to a brick?).. like Julian's GA shirt! See ya soon.

  2. The site looks great and I always enjoy reading the blogs about life in Schkotland (that's how I imagine Sean Connery would say Scotland).

    Anyways, hooray for peanut butter!

  3. Your last tab could be your 'Wish List' for care packages and such;)