AAR and Thanksgiving

In November traveled to Washington, D.C., for the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion Meeting. My friend Christy Fisher traveled with me and we met up with other Lee folks once in D.C. We left out of Chattanooga on Thursday, Nov. 16th, and came back on Tuesday the 21st. I knew it would be a long trip and that I would have to pace myself, but it felt even longer and I had to slow down even more than I expected. Mostly I was surprised by a whole new sense of vulnerability and responsibility.

I was then home for one night when Jonathan, the canines, and I headed to Georgia to celebrate Thanksgiving with our extended families. We stayed with Meredith and Davey and on Thanksgiving Day (and the day after) ate way too much food at his parents' home. We saw his grandfather for the first time since we were teenagers and had lots of fun playing games & spending time with everyone - Dave, Carol, Susan, Norman, Granddad, Davey, Meredith, Mary, Isaac, and Madison. On Saturday and Sunday morning we visited with my family. The Brooks house was its usual fun place of mad chaos as everyone gathered - Mom, Scotty, Bonnie, Kevin, Connor, Reid, Suzanne, Sullivan, Shelby . . . Jason, Ann, & Abigail Brooks . . . Jason, Jenny, Amelia, Jackson, Wyatt . . . It was a house full. Jonathan was on "uncle duty" spending most of Saturday outside playing games or watching go-kart runs.

Now that we're home it's been a long week. I think our upcoming travels are starting to seem more real, especially as we were reminded over and over again that we won't be here next Thanksgiving. I'm glad now that it's Saturday and we can have a couple of quiet days at home.

On a "Peanut" note, I saw him move (with my eyes) for the first time yesterday. (For those of you who don't know, Jonathan actually felt him move before I did. Last month as I was sleeping Jonathan had his hand on my belly and felt the first kick. My sensation came about a week later.) I had been working on the computer on my lap desk, and could feel him moving. I thought I saw the movement in my peripheral vision, so I waited and watched. Sure enough, there was that kick, or punch, or whatever . . . visible to the eye. This morning he's been doing the same thing. Needless to say, I've spent a good bit of time this morning not doing anything else other than patiently waiting and watching for my baby. Suzanne has bought him a onesie that says "Worth The Wait." Now ain't that the truth . . .

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